Philippe Velez McIntyre was born in Paris and grew up in Colombia and the United States. In the beginning of the eighties he moved back to Europe where he has been living as a freelance photographer and social activist, first in Madrid and then in Paris. Since the early nineties he lives and works in Amsterdam.

His work has evolved around the theme of rural and urban socio-cultural initiatives, particularly where culture meets nature.

His philosophy of life being: Those who have been priviledged and have had the opportunities and the good fortune to choose for what passioned them, have the greater responsibility to contribute for the common good.

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Every city has

Every city has these two irreducible components, ever virtually at war, ever present and represented to each other through the names they adopt and the principles with which they identify themselves, which they make their own: Liberty (eleutheria) for the mass of the poor, virtue (arête) for the small number of the rich. Thus do rich and poor constantly grasp the common thing, the middle thing, in the pincers of profit and honours, of material interests and imaginary investments.

-Jacques Ranciere, “On the Shores of Politics”